Templer HomeBuild provide responsive day to day repairs to gas boilers, central heating systems and radiators with appointments being allocated into 2 priority bandings according to the level of severity

  • By appointment routine repairs will be completed by one of our qualified gas engineers within 21 working days.


  • Emergency repairs will be completed within 24 hours.


  • Please note that lack of heating and/or hot water will only be considered as an emergency repair between the winter months of October – May unless there are vulnerable residents living at the property (i.e., young children, very elderly, and very ill people).


  • Emergency repairs will only be allocated if it presents a health and safety risk (i.e., boiler not working at all during the winter months or an uncontainable leak or flood from the gas boiler).


  • If you smell gas or suspect a leak, you must evacuate the building immediately and call the National Grid for assistance on 0800 111 999


  • Templer HomeBuild also provide gas servicing currently restricted to Teign Housing properties only.


  • To book a gas repair online, use the ‘I Want To’ section of our website.  Alternatively, please call 0800 197 9790.