Universal Credit
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Are you single and currently on Employment Support Allowance (ESA)?

Have you had to go for an assessment, but got turned down?

If this is the case then you will no longer be able to claim Job Seekers allowance. Instead, you will be asked to claim Universal Credit. If you don’t agree with the ESA decisions you can ask for a review, but we strongly advise that you put in a claim for Universal Credit the day you get turned down, otherwise you could end up with a long period of time where you have no money. For more information go to our Universal Credit page or if you have any questions, please contact the rents team on 01626 322780.

Universal Credit tip

As Universal Credit rolls out in Teignbridge, the Rents team are seeing more of you applying for this new benefit. If you need to claim Universal Credit, but are having trouble with the online application form, you can claim by phone… but this can be an expensive phone call. So, don’t forget that you can ask the Department of Work and Pensions to call you back if you don’t have much phone credit.

We are monitoring the Universal Credit roll-out in our area, so if you’re making a claim for Universal Credit please make yourself known to Benefit Change Advisor Grace Blower on grace.blower@teignhousing.co.uk or 01626 322792.