For day to day repairs we offer a responsive service with appointments being allocated within 2 priority bandings depending on the nature of the repair.

To report a repair, call Teign Housing on 0800 197 9790 (option 2) or report online under the “I Want To” section of the website. If you have an emergency repair, this must be reported by telephone and not online.

We have recently implemented a new call and email handling system to make responding to your communications more efficient. Whilst we embed this system, we are experiencing delays in responding to your reports of repairs via the website and My Teign app and portal. For a faster response time to your repair report please call us on 0800 1979790; Select option 2 for a new repair or option 1 for an existing repair.

Routine ‘by appointment’ repairs will be completed within 30 days. If a repair requires an inspection from a Surveyor, these repairs may take up to 42 days to complete.

Emergency repairs will be completed within 24 hours. Please note that you must be available at the property from the moment the emergency repair is logged with us until we have attended and made it safe.

Emergency repairs are normally defects that put the health and safety or security of the resident or a third party at immediate risk. Emergency repairs may also be carried out if the structure of the building is at risk.
This could include:
• Total loss of water.
• Burst water main.
• Flooding.
• Severe storm damage.
• Total loss of electricity supply.
• Major fault with the electricity supply.
• Unsafe electrical fittings.
• Breaches of security to outside doors and windows.
• Total loss of gas supply.
• Gas leak.
• Blocked flue.
• Blocked main drains, soil pipe or only toilet.
• No hot water.
• Loss of entire heating provision in cold weather (or 1 October – 31 May) or if you are elderly, disabled or chronically sick, or if you have children under five years old.
• Serious roof leaks and other major structural failures
• Failure of lift.
• Failure of warden alarm or call system.
• Fire damage.
• Offensive or racist graffiti.

We are currently only available to attend to repairs to Teign Housing properties.