We know it can be a difficult time when someone dies. Our staff are here to help you and can advise you to ensure a tenancy ends smoothly. Our aim is to give you one less thing to worry about, and to give you the information you need to avoid any unnecessary admin or costs.


You can contact the Customer First Team on 01626 322722 for more information. Sadly, many of our team have also experienced similar situations and know the list of things to sort alongside the pain of losing someone close to you. So, we will be sympathetic and explain our process so we can make this bit easier.

How do I end the tenancy?


When a resident dies, where there is no successor, we will accept the notice to end the tenancy from their next of kin, personal representative, or executor of the their estate.  We require notice of either two to four weeks’, starting on the next Monday from when you tell us. We will arrange to meet you at the property to sign the paperwork needed and to carry out a property inspection. It is important that you are available for this.


Copy of death certificate


A copy of the death certificate is needed to end the tenancy. Of course, if there is a delay or unusual circumstances, talk to us so we can understand and help where we can.




Please return the keys to us at Millwood House. We will need these by midday on the Monday after the tenancy ends. We will let you know your specific date of course. Please leave any gas cards / electrical fobs at the property.




Rent is payable during the Notice Period and for every additional week until we receive the keys. Any rent debt will also still be due. Please return the keys to us to avoid having to pay additional rent from the deceased’s estate.


Housing Benefit and Universal Credit


If Housing Benefit or Universal Credit is being paid, you will need to inform the right organisation about the date of death. You should contact your local authority for what to do and who you need to tell.


Housing Benefit and Universal Credit stops immediately on the date of death, which is why it is important you tell us and give notice to end the tenancy. Otherwise, you could be incurring rent costs which won’t be covered by benefits and these could be taken from the deceased estate.


Leaving the property


We know this can be a difficult task with a loved one’s possessions, but you will need to clear all belongings from the property, garden and shed, including any items no longer wanted. This includes the loft space. The property and garden should be left clean and tidy. Any sheds, greenhouses or other structures should be removed. You can use your notice period time to do this. If you need help as you can’t lift items, then call us and we can recommend local suppliers. We have information on charities who collect items.


The property will be made available to another local resident who has been waiting for an affordable home in the area. To help their move go smoothly, if the property is not cleared or there is any damage to the property not classed as fair wear and tear, there will be a charge for us to carry out the clearance and repairs so it is ready for the next resident. This charge can be made against the deceased estate. We will discuss this with you as the next of kin at the property visit.