Be prepared: Universal Credit competition £10 up for grabs

Take a moment to picture what six weeks without a benefit payment would look like to you and your family.

If you’d struggle with food, bills or paying your rent, it’s really important that you prepare now for Universal Credit’s arrival. It comes to Teignbridge in September and will affect those claiming benefits who have a change in circumstances.

Here are three things you should do now:

  1. Start putting some money aside each week to cover any gap while your application is processed
  2. Make sure you have a bank account which accepts Universal Credit payments. We can help you check.
  3. Contact us so we can help you and give you more tips, such as sorting a Government Gateway password.

We’ll continue writing and emailing you about Universal Credit and creating helpful information. Our bee characters above will help you identify Universal Credit guidance from us.

We’ve hidden one already on our website – click here to email us before 5pm on July 13th to tell us which web page it’s on. We’ll then do a prize draw of all the correct entries, with the winner receiving a £10 high street shopping voucher.