Winter Repairs

We often see a flurry of calls around this time of the year, with people wanting advice on freezing pipes and boiler issues.

We handle around 4,000 repairs every year, with an 97.5% per cent satisfaction rate reported so far this year. Here’s a little more information to help you direct your query to the right place and understand how we handle repairs and what we can and can’t deliver.

Q: How quickly do you handle repairs?

A: We offer responsive repair service for day-to-day repairs. These are put into one of two bands:

  • By appointment repairs will be completed within 21 days (42 days if an inspection / survey is required)
  • Emergency repairs will be attended to within 24 hours. Sometimes we will need to do an immediate temporary repair, and then raise a job for more significant work for example we might do a temporary fix on a roof leak, and then come back once we’ve ordered scaffolding and done a fuller survey of what’s needed.

Q: How can you report a repair?

A: All repairs can be called in free on 0800 197 9790. You can also report repairs online and via email.

Q: What don’t you repair?

We won’t repair items that are damaged deliberately or by neglect. We also don’t complete minor repairs, such as changing a lightbulb or clean properties during or at the end of a tenancy. Maintaining your garden if you have one, is also your responsibility.

Q: How can we help during a repair?

The majority of customers are in when they say they will be, but missed appointments mean another customer waiting for a repair then misses out too. We don’t exist to make a profit – rental income is put back into homes and building new ones – so any staff time or expense wasted impacts on our ability to help other customers and invest in homes.

Our staff enjoy working in customer’s homes, and if you feel you’ve had a good experience, please share it so we can pass it on and recognise their contribution.

Q: What happens if there is a flood or other damage?

A: If something breaks, such as a pipe, then some damage might also occur to internal decoration, furniture or personal items. Templer HomeBuild will make good any decorative damage such as ceiling replacements, stain block and painting any water damage etc after the initial repair is completed.

However, it is your responsibility to have contents insurance to claim for any damage to furniture and or personal effects. We aren’t responsible for damage to your belongings, just repairing the property.

To protect your belongings from as little as £1.54 a fortnight contact Crystal Insurance on 0845 601 7007 or 01628 586187.