Direct Debit: take the hassle out of rent payments

Thirty-nine percent of our customers have already signed up to paying their rent by Direct Debit. Why not join them?

We can set it up with one call over the phone. Your rent payment will then leave your chosen account on the time period and day/date you chose. We can take payments weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly or monthly, depending on which suits you best.

It can help you know how much you’ve left to spend on other things after your rent has been paid. It also means you don’t need to remember to phone us or transfer the money or visit an AllPay shop each month.

To set up your Direct Debit or to ask any questions about doing so, call 01626 322722.

Here’s two quotes from recent sign-ups:

“Teign Housing set up a Direct debit in 10 minutes. This will really help me to manage my rent payments.” 
Buckfastleigh resident

“Paying my rent by Direct Debit makes it so much easier to manage my bills.”
Christow resident