Shark Account: £25 reward for savers

Westcountry Savings and Loans has launched two new accounts designed to help savers. The first rewards new members with £25 if they make a deposit of £5 for three consecutive months. The money, taken from the proceeds of loan shark crimes, comes from the England Illegally Money Lending Team.

They also have a new prize saver account. For every £1 in your PrizeSaver account at the end of each month you will have one entry into the prize draw which takes place in the following month. The draw normally takes place on or around the 15th of each month and winners will know within 21 days of the draw.

You can save as much as you like in your PrizeSaver (provided your total deposits do not exceed £25,000), but the maximum amount of entries into the prize draw is 200. There will be one main prize of £5,000 and twenty smaller prizes of £20 each month.

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This very short video captures what a credit union is.