Pay your rent by Direct Debit

Setting up a Direct Debit puts you in control of which date and how often you pay your rent. Phoning just once will ensure payments go out automatically until your tenancy ends.

More than 50% of customers not on full housing benefit pay their rent this way, meaning they can manage their budgets better and save time and hassle calling or making online payments.

You can chose whether you want to pay weekly, monthly or fortnightly, and on which date you want the agreement to start. The money then transfers to your rent account, leaving you clear on what you’ve left to spend.

Phone us on 01626 322722 and within minutes we’ll have sorted it there and then.

Paying your rent is a priority and if you do not pay on time then we will take arrears recovery action for payment. If you have a problem, phone us – do not wait until we contact you. We know life can throw curveballs, and will always try to help if possible and where you are clearly trying to keep your rent account clear.