Tenant Satisfaction Measures – telephone surveys

The Regulator of Social Housing has asked all landlords (Housing Associations and Local Authorities) to carry out a survey of tenant satisfaction called TSMs. Landlords must publish their results to tenants after April 2024 and share them with the Regulator.


The TSMs cover five themes:

  • Keeping properties in good repair
  • Maintaining building safety
  • Effective complaints handling
  • Respectful and helpful engagement
  • Responsible neighbourhood management.


Since April 2023, we have already carried out online and printed surveys through the post – thank you to everyone who has responded so far!


If you haven’t already completed the survey, we’ve asked an external company called TLF Research to contact a representative random sample of you and invite you to answer the survey over the phone. This is to ensure independent checks and so you can be confident in the results.


Who are TLF Research?

TLF Research is a customer research agency specialising in customer experience and does a lot of work in the housing sector.


What information about me will Teign Housing share with TLF Research? 

We’ll share only relevant information with TLF Research, including your name, address, and telephone number, to help analyse findings and ensure that feedback is representative of our different customer groups. TLF Research will not share any data with any other organisation.


When will the survey be carried out?

From Monday 22 January 2024, TLF will call any time between 9am and 8.30pm Monday to Friday and between 9am and 1pm on Saturday.  Their number will start with 01484.

We expect TLF Research to finish making these calls by Friday 16 February 2024.


How long will the survey take? 

The survey will usually take between 5 and 10 minutes.

Is my feedback confidential?  

If you want, TLF Research can keep your responses completely anonymous. If there are any questions you would prefer not to answer, please let the caller know. At the end of the survey, the person calling will ask you if you are happy for your name to be attached to your responses when the results are shared with us and also whether you are happy for us to contact you if we wish to follow up on something. You can always say no.  When the results are published and shared with the Regulator, this will be done anonymously.


What will Teign Housing do with the results?
We’re doing this survey so that we can understand where we are doing well and where we need to improve. Once the results are in, they will be anonymised and then reviewed by our team and considered by our Resident Involvement groups and our Board. They will also be published on our website, alongside our plans, and shared with the Regulator of Social Housing to help them get an accurate picture of what our residents think of Teign Housing.