The elements of your home, such as its roofs and windows need regular maintenance and repairs to keep them up to standard and in good working order. Sometimes these elements will need to be replaced completely once they’ve reached the end of their economic life.

Our repairs company, Templer HomeBuild, deliver a comprehensive responsive repairs service for our tenants (including gas servicing and repairs) as well as offering a host of additional property services such as: planned maintenance works, voids, cyclical painting solutions and appliance testing and repairs. You can find out more by visiting

If your home is due for maintenance work we will send you the details of any work to be carried out in your home approximately two months before. This will include what we are going to do, who the contractor will be and their contact details. If your kitchen or bathroom is due for renewal you will be given a choice of kitchen units, worktops and flooring and tiling.

Damp and condensation

For information on damp, condensation and Legionella water safety, please download our fact sheets.

Legionella Awareness

This video contains tips on how to reduce condensation and mould in your property. If you are still having problems with mould after following these tips then contact Templer HomeBuild on 0800 197 9790 or at

You can view the mouldy video using the login details:

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